Engineering manager (production) - Львов, Львовская область - вакансия 233396

Дата: 20.02.2017

Город: Львов, Львовская область

Сфера деятельности: Топ-менеджмент, руководители

Текст вакансии:

Job description:
- Ensuring smooth production from technical side (production lines, machine, technology procedures, documentation etc.)
- Ensuring adequate technical background to his/her department.
- Constant improving and maintaining of procedures/production technologies.
- Updating documentation related to product development.
- Supervising and Coordinating the work of Engineering team.
- Updating documentation related to product changes.
- Making regular maintenance plans of production devices, and supervising maintenance activities.
- Planning, installing and approving of the process of production of new items.
- Creating the most effective technology, procedure from cost and quality point of view.
- Keeping good work relationship with the related organizations, departments.
- Supervising the keeping of work safety, health and environment protection rules and procedures.
- Doing the necessary activities in case of extraordinary cases.
- Ensuring smooth production from technical side
- Keeping and having kept the technical production procedures, work safety, health and environment protection rules.
- Keeping and having kept the regular maintenance rules for production lines/machines.
- Keeping company secrets, and protecting personal information.
- Keeping and having kept the work discipline and company asset rules.
- To stop the production line/machine in case of Quality/mechanical problems. To inform the related departments and to immediately cease the problem source.
- to initiate the checking of employees alcohol consumption through breathalyzer test. To initiate the termination of employment in case of positive result.
- To initiate the termination of employment in case of repeated infraction of work safety rules.
- To participate in his/her subordinates' yearly performance appraisals and to make suggestions for individual bonus payments. In case of lack of capability he is entitled to employ adequate penalties.
- Operating and developing the company's quality management and environment protection systems; following the operational rules of the position; keeping the workplace environment in order.
- The employee must be aware of the documents of the company's management system (QMS / EMS / OHSAS) and compliance therewith by, be aware of the role and importance of the activity and its impact on company's quality indicators.
- The responsibility to keep and to be kept the legal requirement of Work and fire safety, Environmental and other regulations. Fulfillment of OHSAS, Environmental and Quality assurance standard requirements in the own authority.
- Technical college/university
- 3-4 years experience in plastics manufacturing
- Upper intermediate level of English
- Integrative thinking
- Negotiation skills
- Leadership communication and expressing ideas
- Flexible for relocation
- Good salary base plus bonuses
- Official employment and social package
- Professional development and trainings
- Supportive environment
Pls. apply with your resume.
Indicating your salary expectations.

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