Lawyer - Львов, Львовская область - вакансия 233316

Дата: 20.02.2017

Город: Львов, Львовская область

Сфера деятельности: Юриспруденция

Текст вакансии:

Dutchstar offers challenging jobs in a young & ambitious English-speaking team. For this legal job you should have the capacity and passion to explore new legal territory by yourself.
- Research & report about local tenancy laws & rent control in various EU countries
- Make ideal property rental agreement template for various EU countries & Ukraine
- Create international service agreements (import/export of outsourcing services)
- Research & report about the newest EU online privacy & data protection laws. Make all our projects compliant.
- Write online privacy statement and terms & conditions for various web services
- Acquire EU trademarks and/or domain names, assist the director with official negotiation letters.
- Find breach of copyright/trademark and send "cease & desist" letters.
- Assist in the buying of Ukrainian property by foreign investors, by checking local registry and preparing documents.
- Prepare standard documents and protocol for acquiring visa & work permit in 10 EU countries, for internships from Ukraine.
- Assist our chief accountant with writing orders for Ukrainian office & staff issues.
- Assist our financial supervisor with legal letters to chase non-paying (international) customers for money collection, sometimes up to arranging local lawyers for foreign court proceedings.
- Ability & risk-management-insight & ambition to handle legal director responsibility personally, for foreign investments and/or operational companies.
Skills & Experience:
- Relevant work experience
- Master level education
- Good English language skills
- Good general computer skills (Word, Excel, Skype, email, etc.)
- Age: 25-40 years old
- Personality: independent explorer
- Full-time, 5 days per week, 10:00-14:00 & 15:00-19:00
- Start as soon as possible.
- Spanish, French or Italian speaking
- 3+ years work relevant work experience
- Personal hobby interest to explore this field of legal knowledge
- Already familiar with EU law

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