UALS 64 Fleet Maintenance Officer - Киев - вакансия 658046

EUAM Ukraine

Дата: 17.04.2019

Город: Киев

Сфера деятельности: Другое

Текст вакансии:

The Fleet Maintenance Officer will report to the Transport Manager. As part of the Transport Section, s/he will contribute to the efficient and effective running of the transport tasks and the Mission Support Department.
Duties and Responsibilities
The Fleet Maintenance Officer will be required, in accordance with the EUAM Mandate, Code of Conduct and the General Service Conditions for Locally Contracted Staff Employed by EUAM Ukraine, Serving in Ukraine, to perform the following tasks:
- Plan and organize of vehicle maintenance and services within the territory of Ukraine;
- Maintenance of database, ensuring the accuracy and validity of data recorded;
- Participate in the procurement process by evaluating the technical features of the goods and services, drafting documentation, conducting market surveys etc.;
- Assist in the efficient execution of contracts relating to acquisition and maintenance / services contracts, including car insurance issues and vehicle registration;
- Assist in the preparation of insurance claims;
- Assist in the implementation, control and maintenance of the fleet monitoring system;
- Monitor the proper use and data evaluation of vehicle logbooks (controls of mileage, fuel consumption, etc.);
- Assist in the planning, analyse, design, programming and implementation of all aspects of vehicle and transportation needs of the Mission in cooperation and coordination with the other members of the team;
- Assist in conducting minor technical check-up of vehicle fleet;
- Coordinate and supervise storage, allocation and distribution, consumption and assessment of future needs as concerns fuel, vehicles and related equipment;
- Provide advice and support on logistics and transport related matters;
- Produces reports concerning logistical and transport issues;
- Ensure accuracy and comprehensive policies and guidelines to the logistics and transportation aspects;
- Translate transport related documents from local languages to English and vice versa;
- Deal with information with confidentiality and discretion;
- Perform any other task as requested by his/her Line Manager.
Qualifications and experience
Eligibility criteria:
- Enjoy full civil rights and do not have criminal record;
- Be in possession of Ukrainian citizenship and/or of a (still) valid residence and work permits according to Ukrainian laws;
- Have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service;
- Successful completion of a full course of university studies attested by a degree in Transport, Engineering, Logistics, Business Management or related areas, where the normal duration in the country awarded is three (3) years or more and attested by a diploma;
- After having obtained the university degree, at least five (5) years of proven full time relevant professional experience in the private and/or public sector in fleet management, vehicle maintenance or related positions;
- Excellent knowledge of vehicle mechanics;
- Good knowledge of spare parts and vehicle maintenance markets;
- Valid driving licence category B.
Essential criteria:
- Be physically fit to perform the duties relating to the post;
- Excellent communication skills of English, Ukrainian and Russian;
- Very good knowledge and experience of Office Suites;
- Very good knowledge of electronic/online catalogues of spare parts and services;
- Outstanding knowledge of Kyiv area and good geographical knowledge of Ukraine;
- Very good experience of using data for preparing reports.
Additional advantageous assets:
- Valid driving licence category C1 would be a significant advantage;
- Work experience in aftersales customer service (vehicle maintenance);
- Professional experience in an EU and/or International environment;
- Experience of working in an intercultural environment, with respect of diversity;
- Experience in positions requiring excellent analytical and organizational skills, with a service- and project-oriented approach.
Personality assets:
- Have strong sense of initiative, responsibility and autonomy;
- Ability to build productive and cooperative working relationships with other staff members;
- Ability to work methodically, accurately and with attention to details as well as to tight deadlines;
- Ability to focus on priorities, to monitor and evaluate procedures and processes;
- Ability to deliver work on time and to agreed standards, even under pressure;
- Used to work on a multitude of activities at the same time and with limited supervision;
- Ability to work independently and harmoniously with colleagues and as part of a team, with respect to diversity;
- Punctuality, commitment to quality, ability to perform under stress, attention to detail, solid work ethics, willingness to work flexible working hours and still deal helpfully and courteously with all contacts.

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