Data Architect - Киев - вакансия 929631

Райффайзен Банк Аваль

Дата: 07.04.2021

Город: Киев

Сфера деятельности: Программисты, ИТ, телеком

Текст вакансии:

The expertise is needed:• DATAHUB solutions/patterns which include ODL(Operational Data Lake), ODS (Operational Data Store) and ADL(Analytic Data Lake).• Clouds generally and proficiently build the Cloud-Native solutions and tools to design BigData PaaS/IaaS.• BigData Ingestion technologies generally and associated with Cloud technologies specifically. • BigData Processing/Transformation technologies generally and associated with Cloud technologies specifically. • BigData Storage technologies generally and associated with Cloud technologies specifically. • BigData Access technologies generally and associated with Cloud technologies specifically. • BigData technologies generally and associated with Cloud technologies specifically. • Data communication. You can turn complex data into clear, simple, and actionable stories. You will share data communication skills with the team and across the government.• Data innovation. You can identify areas of innovation in data tools and techniques and recognize appropriate timing for adoption.• Data modeling. You understand the concepts and principles of data modeling and can produce relevant data models across multiple subject areas. You know how to reverse-engineer data models from a live system. You understand industry-recognized data modeling patterns and standards and know when to apply them. You can compare and align different data models.Here is the Draft Vision of our Future Data Platform:• The Data Platform is divided into the following distinct parts:o Core Data Platformo Onboarded Data Producer/Consumer Applications, Configuration & Customisations• Onboarding & Management of Data Producer/Consumer Applications• Application, Data Source, Job, Job Data, Job Steps, and Data Access Taxonomies• Standardized Push/Pull Streaming Ingestion Interfaces• Standardized Push/Pull Batch Ingestion Interfaces• Polyglot Data-lake Storage (e.g., Bucket, KV, NoSQL, Search, Warehouse, SQL, etc.)• Customizable Ingestion Conformance-tier Processors• Customizable Ingestion Stage Processors• Customizable Ingestion Archive Processors• Customizable Ingestion Optimised Format (e.g., Parquet/ORC) Processors• Customizable Transformation/Enrichment Processors• Customizable Microservices & API Processors• Standardized Query API (e.g., J/ODBC) Data Access Interfaces• Standardized Export API, Bucket Endpoint & Notify Data Access Interfaces• Standardized Streaming Egress Data Access Interface• RBAC (Role-Based Access Controls)• Secrets/Vault capabilities• TLS (in-flight) & TDE (at-rest) Encryption capabilities• Operational Metrics & Monitoring capabilities• Data Platform Resource Utilisation Tracking & Cost Allocation capabilities• DLM, Archive, Retention capabilities• Schema Registry capabilities• Login & Data Platform Portal Home UI• Analytics Notebook UI (e.g., Jupiter)• Data Catalog UI• VDI Workbench Portal UI• Job Management UI• Administration UI

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