Wells workover and stimulation manager (implementation of new technologies) - Киев - вакансия 946484


Дата: 03.05.2021

Город: Киев

Сфера деятельности: Добыча сырья

Текст вакансии:

Position objective: Implementation of new technologies to develop the resource potential of oil and gas wells (well stimulation and workover, implementation of well completion equipment and equipment for hydrocarbons artificial lift). Job responsibilities:
Forming and implementing strategic technological development in the focus areas: "Well stimulation", "Well workover", and "Hydrocarbon artificial lift"; Searching and customizing new technologies in focus areas: "Well stimulation", "Well workover", and "Hydrocarbon artificial lift" to the terms of existing and prospective assets of DTEK Oil&Gas; Solving complex problems associated with DTEK Oil&Gas activities in well workover and preventive geological and technical measures to extend period between wells workover; Improvement of wells operating efficiency: optimization of workover time, extending the wells lifecycle by implementing new technologies, including support of operations at the production site; Ensuring the implementation of scientific and technical activities in the focus areas: "Well stimulation", "Well workover", and "Hydrocarbon artificial lift "; Expert analysis of proposals, solutions, and technologies coming to DTEK Oil&Gas and evaluation of technical and economic feasibility of their implementation at the Company's facilities; Evaluation of the bidders` profiles according to the tender procedures within the scope of job responsibilities.
Required professional experience:
At least 3 years of practical experience in the following fields: well workover, Hydrocarbon artificial lift, Hydrocarbon stimulation; Experience in working with software for modeling operations related to well workover, Hydrocarbon artificial lift, and Hydrocarbon stimulation; Skills in planning and performing works related to well workover, Hydrocarbon artificial lift, and Hydrocarbon stimulation; Skills in search, adaptation, and efficiency evaluation of new technologies in the following focus areas: well workover, Hydrocarbon artificial lift, and Hydrocarbon stimulation.
Special knowledge and skills for this position:
Knowledge of:
technology fundamentals for wells construction and operation; fundamentals of oil and gas equipment design; fundamentals of well workover, testing, and development technology (technologies: workover, snubbing, coil tubing) wells stimulation basics (cleaning and matrix treatments of the bottomhole formation zone, hydraulic fracturing, etc.); technological fundamentals in wells operations modeling; fundamentals of economics, oil and gas facility management.​​​​​​​
Practical experience in the economic evaluation of the projects effectiveness and project management; Proficiency in technological software for design and modeling of well processes and operations (preferably PipeSim, Cerberus, AutoCAD or similar software) Awareness about laws and regulations applicable to the oil and gas industry English language proficiency (fluent/upper intermediate/advanced).
Required qualifications/additional education:
Higher field-specific education (specialization: oil and gas production and/or oil and gas well drilling, and/or oil and gas equipment); Higher education in economics (preferable).

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