Технический директор - Киев, Киев - резюме 3304

Pokhvalytyy Andriy

Дата: 06.03.2019

Город: Киев, Киев

Сфера деятельности: Топ-менеджмент, руководители

Желаемая зарплата: 40000 грн / месяц

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Опыт работы (лет): 27

Образование: Высшее

Текст резюме:

Performs proven competence of engineering management with 27 years’ experience in industrial processing.
Experienced Leader of technological operation staff with the key attention to the quality of output materials at non-stop 24/7 production cycle. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andriy-pokhvalytyy-71636b32/)
Management / Organization skills:
 Modernization Project Management from the initial planning (design) up to the launching of new technological lines.
 Development of business processes by deep analysis of technological systems operations and appropriate resource planning.
 Process Management of 24/7 manufacturing company activity by control over personnel and technical equipment with the particular attention to the industrial safety and products’ quality.
 Engineering Management in revamp projects with strategic partnership in the multicultural environment.
 Distinct identification of plant business problems and finding appropriate solutions.
 Leadership, effective communication and conflict resolution.
 Extensive experience in recruiting, training and supervising of the staff.
Technical skills:
 Advanced implementing of the technological processes’ knowledge.
 Ongoing adjustment of a production technology in accordance with the business quality requirements.
 Detecting and optimal solving of technical malfunctions.
 Document audit and inspection of technical equipment.

2007 – present Production Manager (Deputy Chief at Production Department)
PJSC “Ukrtatnafta” (www.ukrtatnafta.com.ua)
 Effective Production Management: planning, synchronization and adjusting of the technological modes, 24/7 leading of the Dispatching Department.
 Development of the Linear Programming models of technological conditions for monthly and annual company budgetary estimate.
 Ensuring the plant operation under the Quality System requirements (ISO 9001) including solving and prevention of accident and malfunctions.
 Ongoing supervising of compliance with industrial safety measures at the production facilities of company’s departments.
 Implementation of the technological modernization of industrial processes in collaboration with international stakeholders from USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.
 Development, implementation and running of a flexible automated monitoring system with tracking products’ quality and quantity at the every stage of the technological cycle.
 Timely correction of the daily output production plans for the highest company’s profitability obtaining.
2000 – 2007 General Manager (General Manager at Chemical Plant)
Power Station of JSC “Poltavaoblenergo” (www.poe.pl.ua)
 Effective Process/Safety Management: carried out 6 years safety running of the production technologies with the hazard chemical materials without any industrial accident. Implementation of industrial safety measures.
 Proven Project Management: achieved the technological and business goals by successful implementation of revamp projects of Chemical Plant and modernization projects of power station investment program.
 Development and management of the business schedules and resource planning of the plant.
 Led the annual budgeting process in collaboration with Finance planning Department.
 Ensured HR Management of the plant: recruitment, regular training and examination of the staff.
 Organized complete Quality Management of control over the intermediate and final products.
 HSE Management: launched new technological lines that reduced the liquid waste output of power station in compliance with HSE regulation requirements.

1998 – 2000 Auditor of Oil Products Certification, Engineer at Certification Department
Government of Ukraine, National Body of Certification of the Petrochemical Products,
State Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (www.poltavastandart.org)

 Audit and certification of oil products quality and petrochemical equipment.
 Complete revision of test chemical laboratories for accreditation procedure.
 Active membership of the State Commissions on Accreditation of test petrochemical laboratories in accordance to the UkrSEPRO regulations: Laboratory “10 Hematological Centre” (c. Kyiv, Ukraine); Laboratory of JSC “Poltavanefteproduct” (c. Lubny, Ukraine); Laboratory of WMF (Russian Navy)
(c. Sevastopol, Ukraine).
 Coordinated the implementation and running of Quality Systems at industrial enterprises in compliance with ISO 9001.

1990 – 1998 Process Operator – Deputy Manager of Crude Oil Distillation Unit
Ukrainian State Refinery (www.ukrtatnafta.com.ua)
 24/7 support of the technological unit operation including all related technical equipment (i.e. tanks, vessels, petroleum, naphtha, diesel fuel, crude oil and residues pumps, atmospheric and vacuum columns, strippers, heaters and heat-exchangers, coolers, pipelines and valves).
 Control of commissioning and shutting-down modes.
 Supervision of the installation of a vacuum furnace P-3/1,2 in conformity with design.
 Monitoring of the products quality and ensuring its accordance with the standards.
 Provision of the documentation CDU activity: ordering, planning, operating and repairing.
 Data collection and systematization within implementing of European investment program ‘Tacis’ (heat loss reducing).
 Development of the equipment commission instructions for the revamp projects.

1990 – 1996 Specialist Degree* in Chemical Engineering:
Chemical technology of fuels and carbon materials
from Ukrainian State Chemical Technological University (c. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).
* equivalent to the MSc degree in the renewed educational world rank system.

2016 Course Seminar “Criterion Catalysts & Technologies Distillate Hydrotreating”, Certificate of Completion, c. Washington, D.C., USA;
2010 Functional Courses "Preventions of Industrial Accidents and Civil Defence in Occasion of Industrial Accidents" at the Poltava Regional Educational Centre of The Ministry of Emergency Situations, Certificate BI 001938 reg.#142;
2006 Course “Regulations on construction and safe operating of hoisting cranes” at the Poltava Regional Training Centre of Industrial Safety, Certificate 7 (396). c. Poltava, Ukraine;
Course “Safe operating of pressure vessels” at the Poltava Regional Training Centre of Industrial Safety, c. Poltava, Ukraine;
Course “Water treatment and chemical processes in power stations and industrial enterprises” at Odessa State University, Certificate 50-3/45, c. Odessa, Ukraine;
2005 Course “Regulations and assurance of industrial safety” at the Poltava Regional Training Centre of Industrial Safety, Certificate 3 (351), c. Poltava, Ukraine;
2003 Course “Regulations on construction and safe operating of hoisting cranes” at the Poltava Regional Training Centre of Industrial Safety, Certificate 3 (233-2), c. Poltava, Ukraine;
1999 Auditor of certification. - Course “Certification of oil products. System “UkrSEPRO”. National Training Centre, c. Kyiv, Ukraine.

Languages: Ukrainian – fluent; Russian – native; English – fluent.
Computer skills: MS Office, Scheme design system, PI-system, Laboratory Database System, Outlook, Skype, Sigma based Energy Resources Scheduler.

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